La Tana di Yami no Merwt

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Yeah, I understand xD Odd that you start so early though… Not even in America they start THAT early xD they still start in September

We always stand out from commoners uwu *internal cries*

Ok, goodnight then, wish me good luck for the placement tests ^^’

and here I thought you were eager to go XD

I am, just kidding ;) Though I wouldn’t mind some days of extra vacation…

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You need it, you know that :P Otherwise, how are you gonna wake up in the morning?! xD

I’m not. That was the plan xD

lol Merwt xD go to sleep xD

Yessir -.-‘

Why do all my friends start school like in October or late in September and then there is me who is starting in a bunch of hours?!

“Aibou is the best, but he’s 16. When Yugi was born I was already 3,000 years old, which means if we were friends back then I would have been hanging out with a baby. I don’t know anything about infant care… Oh my god, I could have killed him.” — Yami Yugi (via incorrectyugioh)


knowing you have school tomorrow



elsa - Just chillin’ by Indiron


きゃべつの妖精さん | 貝柱 [pixiv] 






dude, being addicted to fanfiction is so weird. You stay in front of your computer for hours a day reading different versions of those same characters falling in love and fucking again, again, again and again. And yet, we’re looking for more, creating more, making fanarts because, apparently, nothing in the world is more fulfilling than fictional love, the love we cannot have. That’s either inspiring or unsettling. Or both.



Soap Trek




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